Church of Christ Responses to the earthquakes Victims in Port-au-Prince

Church of Christ Responses to the earthquakes Victims in Port-au-Prince

We thank God for strength and vision in the midst of this chaotic situation . After assesment   of the amplitude it is confusing all the way . The foreign nations ( Usa,Canada, France ect.. ) heavily involved in the relief efforts  suggest that there are more needs than resources . With the spirit of the  kingdom in mind we see the kingdom first . After all what is matter is the kingdom of Christ .

  We want to thank   our fellow Christians and sisters congregations for their prayers and love in action .

Helping is not easy as over 1.5 millions staved people are in  the streets . The church at Delmas without a building benefits from its long term involvement in the community ,  that’s why we can without fear and difficulty gather the neediest church members and non members for assistance.

I -  Right Now, Church of Christ organized 2 camps of refuge . one at the catholic sister of Immaculée across our building at Delmas and one at Croix des Mission close to the church there . We assist over 300 christians and non christian with , hot meals a day , medicines and first aids. This is our first approach designed for homeless Christians .

II -   Church of Christ helped evacuate those who decide to return to their villages.

III -  We helped   several hundred   with water, food . We need resources to provide dry food for 2000 Christians in PAP  and their relatives. It is sad to approach starved Christians.

IV - We are   searching   right now under debris, and heavy construction  blocs church official documents , and school files .

What we  Hatian people  in times like these.

 When sister   Eva decided to house church of Christ   in her catholic compound   I ask her since we are Church of  Christ wish the right motive exclusive faith and doctrine , what will the catholic authorities think ? ( by the way archbishop of P-A-P died in the crash, almost all the catholic church buildings in P-A-P, collapsed ). “Sister   Eva gave   me an interesting   response” “this is no times for divisions and church   polemic”.

 As sister Eva said this is no time for division, no time for politic, tactic or people trying to push down some body , to subdue  someone or to squeeze . This is time for real cooperation, partnership, time for FLEXIBILITY.


With love, Jean T. Elmera


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