Earthquake in Port-au-Prince in Haiti

Earthquake in Port-au-Prince in Haiti

On Tuesday Jan 12, 2010, at 4:50PM, Port-au-Prince face the most terrible time in history. Delmas Church of Christ building collapsed with 51 Christians with school students.

          There are hundred thousands of people that are in the street right now, because they’re have lose their home, include everything they own.

There are about 471 students who are in the Street and many are injuring, some of them are still not found yet, because the building have collapsed over them all.

  There are about 311 Christian loses their home.

We need a lot of supplies, such as food, medical treatment, water supplies, most of all we need assistance. We need these stuff urgent.

There are more then two hundred thousand people that are dead in Port-au-Prince because of that earthquake and many are injure badly.

There still many dead body under the building of Church of Christ in Delmas in Port-au-Prince. Still now and then we feel the earth moving with us. We need help immediately as soon as possible,we hardly find food and water, even the minister is on the street as well because his home have destroyed too, doing the earthquake, that passed last Tuesday Jan 12, 2010 about 4:50pm in Port-au-Prince it passed in other town as well, but not hard and damage it did in Port-au-Prince. A thousand of Christian are looking for a place to worship.